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  • Subject ACW00059gi

    Wing tags do fall off from time to time, usually with the transmitter. Sometimes we can locate the tag/transmitter and retrieve it for reuse

  • Subject ACW00059gi

    Good eyes! So to me this looks like it isn't in the correct position on the wing so it is most likely a piece of down or something else.

  • Subject ACW00049rp

    But yes, mounting is a regular part of condor copulation 😉.

  • Subject ACW00049rp

    Haha! Upon enlarging, it appears that the wing belongs to the condor in the foreground, with the condor behind standing upright.

  • Subject ACW0004iez

    I agree vjbakker. Condor on left is probably just relaxing. Condor on right has its head way up in the body cavity to get the good stuff 😃.

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