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Eagles? Eagles. Raven Sandwich? We wish.

  • wreness by wreness moderator

    This is what's so cool about posting on TALK (and why you should never be shy to do so):

    On October 24, 2015 @Aegypius posted that there were 2 eagles fighting in this photo in reply to a post:

    on March 8, 2015 by Psaltriparus minimus who agreed that there were 2 eagles in the photo because

    on June 5, 2014 @yshish posted that there were 2 eagles in the photo because

    on June 5 2014 @Veegee commented that they thought there was a fight between a possible Turkey Vulture and a Golden Eagle.

    So what prompts the extra discussion? Also on October 24, 2015, Your under-caffeinated Moderator @wreness, posted that it was possibly 2 condors. The bird in back looks to have a (black) tag on (our) right wing and the under-feathers looked white; a black face and beak. But then yes, the bird in front is golden. Maybe an eagle swooping in to scare off a juvenile condor? But the other wing does look brown/gold. Sigh 😃 (large photo)

    In order to make up for this lapse in judgement and yeah..the more I looked the more eagle-ish it got (re: I had no idea what I was talking about) I went and looked a lot of photos in order to see if I could find a better photo of these birds.

    Juvenile Golden eagles are very dark with dark beaks (just like juvenile condors and turkey vultures); they turn "golden" with yellow beaks as the mature. This can make it confusing, especially if the light is bad or there are shadows.

    Below are some photos of this/these birds close to the time stamp.

    The point of this story: Posting on TALK on photos you get or adding to photos (even if old) is a good thing! This photo was first commented on 16 months ago. So never ever be afraid or shy to start a discussion. 😃

    9:48 a.m. juvenile eating with another condor

    A bird at 10:15 a.m. - head smooth and dark like a condor

    10:33 am. Bingo! Possibly the 2 eagles

    Bird at 10:37 a.m. Dark with what looks like a neck cowl

    Bird 10:50 a.m. - 25 minutes after photo at left, but obviously an eagle

    Thank you for all your input, curiosity, time, and as always, your work!