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New record for condors in a photo? Count please!

  • wreness by wreness moderator

    There are a few photos crammed with condors on Condorwatch - some are thrilled to get them and some hate it. Count the Butts and Backs! Beaks and Feet!

    Sometimes it's impossible to get an exact count and even so, it will vary by 1 or 2. For the sake of Science, Condors and hey, what else do you have to do for the next 25 minutes? if you'd like to count the condors in this photo it'd be wonderful to double-quadruple check and see how many there are in here. The previous record was 25 - 26-ish at this exact site. The most condors in a photo have been here, during a few-hour window. This photo, if it shows over 26 condors would be the new record!

    Large photo of this one


  • DZM by DZM admin

    Incredible to think that you might be looking at about 10% of the entire population of wild California condors in a single image...


  • CatchATiger by CatchATiger

    I counted 30 here. I magnified it, adjusted the colors, out lined each one using isobar software and numbered them. It might be 29 but I am almost positive I had 30. But maybe not. But pretty positive :-p

    To be helpful and to thank us volunteers, they should really offer coupons for eye drops on this site. 😃


  • nk9511 by nk9511

    I counted 29, but could be more.


  • wreness by wreness moderator in response to nk9511's comment.

    Thanks, nk9511! (Just don't forget to blink when you're staring at these photos. 😄 )