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Infinite loading

  • AnderElessedil by AnderElessedil

    H, since two days if I start classyfing the photo doesn't load and I can't do anything, not skip that photo or other actions..
    Any help?


  • hirundocosa by hirundocosa scientist

    Hey Ander,

    Thanks for letting us know about this. Were you ever able to get past the spinning gear? I've sometimes encountered this & worked around it by opening the browser in an incognito/private window ('Cmd + Shift + N' on Mac 'Ctrl +shift +N' on PC). I'll see if we can find a better solution on our end. Please let me know if this works for you.



  • hirundocosa by hirundocosa scientist

    @anderelessedil, I just confirmed it. The issue is cookies--something @wreness pointed out before. The easiest fix is to run the tagging app in an incognito window as described above.

    If you want to fix it for your normal browsing environment, you can clear your history (which includes cookies). In Safari, this is hidden under the Safari menu. In Chrome, it's found by doing Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl + Y (PC). Then click Clear browsing data. Try 'obliterate the following items from: The past hour', with only 'Cookies and other site and plugin data' checked. Then click 'Clear browsing data' & reload If that doesn't work, the cookie conflict may have arisen a while ago.

    In that case, you can erase your history for all time (probably not preferred if you don't want to have to resign into every site you use). Instead, point your browser to the 'chrome://settings' page (type that into the location bar). Click 'Content settings...' then click --> 'All cookies and site data...' then in the 'search cookies' bar type 'condorwatch'. Probably two entries will show up from & Click 'Remove all shown'. Then click done & reload the condorwatch page. That should fix the problem.

    Please let me know if this does/doesn't work for you!



  • AnderElessedil by AnderElessedil in response to hirundocosa's comment.

    Thanks Matt, problem solved, I have cleaned my history and all going smooth now.
    (the problem was that I can't pass over the spinning gear. It was spinning indefinitely)

    Now, back to work.


  • hirundocosa by hirundocosa scientist in response to AnderElessedil's comment.

    Hey @AnderElessedil,
    Glad the issue is fixed! Happy tagging!