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Anyone Else Having Problems? 3/18/16

  • G.Haldursson by G.Haldursson

    I am having issues also but am on many computers and laptops as I mostly visit Zoo and CW while mooching various Wi-Fi while traveling. I have attributed the issues to that, however am having issues on home desktop the last 7 days or so as well.

    I am having the problem you are, @wreness, with the "dead" page that will go white and "spin" instead of loading as it should and I must X-exit the page to get out of this. This can happen just finishing classifying a photo and going to a fresh one.

    I also find as @inaspin that I get signed out, getting the page with the tutorial photo (this seems to start only if I'm getting the white pages and not just one its own like another problem. So it's a connected issue I believe. For me at least.) This signing out happens when loading sections - e.g. moving from the messages boards to classifying or from Talk area to classifying.

    I am mostly on Windows operating systems, Mostly on Chrome or IE and 3 Macs but not enough to notice if it happens as if they caught me doing this at work they would hang and quarter me. Or which ever process would come first, first.



  • Aegypius by Aegypius

    Same here, but it's new to me. Problem showed up yesterday. System doesn't recognize me on the classification site but on Talkt. Can't get back to the new pictures because I'm getting thrown out again. Changed password twice, but that's not the problem, I'm still getting "Sign in failed". No idea, if and how I'm causing that problem. Server-problem?


  • wreness by wreness moderator

    Not sure about this as it was endless, then suddenly cleared up. Lots had it - they'd have to sign in multiple times and it'd say they hadn't signed in like it didn't "take". Be sure you have cookies enabled as that's how they know you're on Zoo. Do you come here directly or through the main Zooniverse sign-in page and then through the CW icon? I found if I was on the main Zooniverse page, switching between projects it would often not see me as I would come back here.

    I think it was something with the site - it's been buggy since Day 1 but it also seemed when new sites would be put up, something would be affected here and we'd have problems.

    Give it a day or two and let me know if it's still happening and if it's just this site πŸ˜ƒ


  • inaspin by inaspin

    Just signed in 19 March 2016 - 1.33 pm South Australian daylight saving time. Mozilla/Firefox and Google
    The click on photo produces a magnifying glass icon in a small dashed square. Identifying object (eg carcass) makes it disappear again. Said rude words. Then tried "recent" and got a blank white screen. Discussion boards access OK.
    In the words of Catweasel "Nuthing works..."


  • wreness by wreness moderator in response to inaspin's comment.

    Ugh sorry to hear that, inaspin. Strange you and Aegypius are having problems and are both on the Other Side Of The Pond... I have been refreshing and trying to duplicate it for an hour and it's ok on my end but it is running slow. It's a lot worse in the wee hours which would be when you folks would be trying to do what you're doing so point being it would be all in that same time range (you may know I'm a vampire and don't sleep so can do thee sophisticated time tests πŸ˜„)

    I'm on U.S. Central Time but after about 11 pm I get the white screens, long spinning What Ever You Call its. The Messages never When we had an issue back When, (not sure if this still applies) I learned that Zoo Central in London uploaded or did all their stuff when it was about 10 pm here, my time. This was causing massive issues here then Stateside for those of us trying to work.

    G.Haldursson emailed me yesterday to say he was having issues, too - he's in Sweden right now so again maybe a problem with that Pond thing - - and finds if he signs off Zoo completely and back in it sometimes clears up so it might be a server issue as Aegypius said. I'm still sticking with "When new areas go up our area breaks" but I will have hope regardless πŸ˜„

    I had a bad problem when I updated Flash recently, which they nag you to do. I had to uninstall it and go back to an older version as some other websites I go to just wouldn't even load. Lots were posting and complaining about that.

    @Aegypius and @inaspin..... Can you email me a screen shot of what your screen is doing when this happens? If you need instructions again just yell and I'll send. Send all you need or want to and I'll forward them on. I keep hoping it'll clear up and I'l see if other areas are having problems now, too.

    The kind of nice thing about how CW is set up is it's so simply there's not much to interfere with it so it's usually an internal issue.
    Make sure your cache is cleared and all that. & let me know!


  • inaspin by inaspin

    Same problem today: also the go back arrow at the screen top takes me to a new image instead of back to the one viewed previously. Oh woe and thrice woe. At this rate we'll never finish.
    Yes, please send (simple) instructions for screen shot. Sorry to display my ignorance but what is "clear cache".
    I am going to try signing off and back on again; fingers crossed. Thanks Wreness for your assistance.
    ...20 minutes later... went back and signed in directly via home page rather than via my bookmarked link and lo and behold I'm back in business. I've had a big batch of Microsoft updates this week and that's never good for the interior workings. Right; now I'm having lunch.
    So, just to be thorough - tried both ways in different tabs. Home page works fine; bookmark link is still useless!
    Hope all this helps somebody.


  • wreness by wreness moderator

    Hi inaspin!

    Yes, sometimes the problem is the saved bookmarks - they tweak and change and update things here all the time and I know maybe a year ago every bookmarked link seemed to not work anymore (this was found by several just by chance). Same link as far as how it looks to us but as the coding is changed, those links can break.

    I had removed all the old tech-issue posts from here which detailed past issues since old posts, unfortunately, are always the first that are listed when you come to a folder and people don't see the new fresh things immediately. It looks as if nothing new is posted and some don't know to look at the last page - sigh - so for the sake of catching attention I just keep the current issues current.

    Your browser's cache stores certain information (snapshots) of webpages, thumbnails, pictures, etc. you visit so that they'll load more quickly upon future visits. They pile up really fast and can turn your computer to sludge if you never clear them out, and also interfere with the new content and updates. One of those things about computers that if you don't know to ask about it, you wouldn't know to ask about it, so people don't πŸ˜„

    On Chrome - go to the top right corner of the brower where you see those 4 horizontal lines and click. That's your settings

    A little way down under Privacy is a button that says "clear browsing data" Click that. You'll get (yet another) pop up screen with a list of things that you want removed. They'll have the best stuff marked for you already (nice of them!). What's good to get rid of are your: cookies, (all the little pieces of spy data and tracking things sites need or you don't need as you visit places), cached images and files (this is your cache - all the images and remnants of every page you've gone to.) Download history and browsing history is good to clear as it's not needed and takes up room.

    They also probably marked "Passwords" and you can unmark that if you store your and want to keep them stored. Same with "autofill form data" - that's the stuff that fills in as you type forms or your name and passwords. If you have that and want to keep that, don't have it checked.

    At the top there's a tab where they ask how far back you want to go. It'll say "since the beginning of time". (Hah hah). This is best to do but might take a long time if you don't clear your cache routinely (every few days is good if not every day).

    It might look like it locked up. It might look like nothing is happening for a while, but it s. Or It might lock up. Mine locks up because some days I'm hammering my poor, old comp and it hates me so it doesn't want to cooperate. Be patient, but if it gets too tedious, you can clear 2 week's at a time and see if that goes faster since this is the first you're doing this in a while.

    Once it's done (it'll tell you) then I'd replace the bookmark link to get to Condor Watch again I use this one to sign in:

    and if you want to use the main page for Zooniverse, replace that, too Best to go there, then bookmark.

    I'll email you how to take a screen shot - I know I had sent a tutorial to many when we had to "all images done" issue a while back and while that was exhausting to coordinate it was kind of fun. Don't think I have that yet but will type it up again.

    Hope this helps!


  • inaspin by inaspin

    Thank you! I have dumped my bookmark and instituted a new one which is the home page. Now I'll go ferret in the inner workings of the beast and see what else needs evicting. Cheers...


  • Aegypius by Aegypius

    After the being thrown out phase, the system spent a view days on a mental state I'd describe like: "doesn't matter what you do, you can mark animals, but I will not show you the markings. So if you insist on classifying anything, go on, keep in mind which of the 20 ravens you allready marked. I will count them, but I needn't to like it." Software can be sooooo mean and sadistic!

    So I waited fΓΌr a view days to find the self-healing process completed today. It's working properly again. I have no idea why.


  • myraf by myraf scientist

    HI Aegypius and Inaspin! Glad to hear it seems to be working. Wreness is the master at helping to figure these things out but do let us know if you have any more problems. Thank you for your help on CondorWatch!


  • wreness by wreness moderator in response to myraf's comment.

    I'm glad it's working better! Sometimes it irons out in a few days and sometimes it just ..well..doesn't. Whew. Give a yell, message, email, send a pigeon, etc, if it doesn't straighten out or gets worse. πŸ˜ƒ



  • lesleylupo by lesleylupo

    I am trying to get on Condor Watch and it doesn't open. It's just a spinning circle. I tried to go direct but that didn't work either. I do a few different projects on Zooniverse and they all are fine so it can't be my computer.


  • wreness by wreness moderator


    I never have problems on other projects, either....and many do here when they don't else where, also. :X

    As I was typing this I DID have the issue you said - I pulled up a photo and just got the spinning ball. Haven't had that until now. It sat and sat and sat. No one else has said anything so I'm not sure if it's something that's intermittent or what.

    What I did after trying a few things (so try this yourself:) was -

    1. Click the X on your browser ti stop the loading and then refresh the page (a few times if you have to) and see if it loads the pic one of those times. (this didn't work for me but try anyway)

    2. Click the BACK arrow on your browser ... and then click the forward ARROW and reload the page and see if the picture then loads (that worked for me)

    3. If it doesn't load, go to the Discussion boards link at the top of the page (any will do but I always like the list of Rare and colored tags), and then click the Classify button again from there. I don't know why but that worked for me, too. Kind of faked the picture out, maybe πŸ˜ƒ

    4} Clear your cache just to make sure any Zoo bugs or old files are cleaned off

    Also - what browser are you using and are you on Windows? This site is buggy for some people and sadly has caused some to leave in the past. One wonderful guy was on a tablet that had a strange version of Windows that just didn't seem to work too well with the site.

    See if any of this helps and if you need to message me with details, please do.

    We'll keep at it! πŸ˜ƒ